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Villasol Real Estate - FAQs for Moving to Spain and Purchasing Property on the Eastern Costa Del Sol

questions and answers about moving to spain and property purchasing on the eastern coata del sol

1. What are the first steps to buying a property in Spain?

Answer: The first steps include deciding on your budget, location, and type of property. Then, start searching for properties online or through an estate agent. Villasol Real Estate can assist you by providing a wide range of properties and guiding you through the initial stages.

2. Do I need a visa to move to Spain?

Answer: Yes, if you are not a citizen of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, you will need a visa. If you are from outside of the EU and intend to stay in Spain for more than 90 days you must apply for a visa. The type of visa required depends on the purpose of the stay. Some of the most common visas include:

 At Villasol, as part of our customer care service, we can connect you with local immigration experts to help you with the process.

3. What are the legal requirements for purchasing property in Spain?

Answer: You will need an NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero), open a Spanish bank account, and hire a notary. Villasol staff have extensive experience in assisting clients with arranging the necessary documentation to begin the property purchase process and we work closely with trusted legal professionals to ensure a smooth process.

4. How can I get an NIE number?

Answer: You can apply for an NIE at a police station in Spain or through a Spanish consulate in your home country. Please ask us to assist you with the application.

5. Are there any taxes involved in purchasing property?

Answer: Yes, you will need to pay property transfer tax, VAT / IVA (if buying new property), and notary fees.

6. What are the ongoing costs of owning property in Spain?

Answer: Costs include property tax (IBI), community fees, utility bills, and insurance. Our team can give you an estimate of these costs based on the property you are interested in.

7. How does the property buying process work?

Answer: The process typically involves making an offer, signing a reservation contract, paying a deposit, and completing the sale with a notary. Villasol is always on hand to guide you and assist you through the entire process to completion.

8. Can I get a mortgage in Spain?

Answer: Yes, many banks offer mortgages to non-residents.

9. How much deposit do I need to buy a property?

Answer: Typically, you need to put down a 10% deposit when you sign the purchase contract.

10. What should I consider when choosing a location on the Eastern Costa Del Sol?

Answer: Consider factors like proximity to the beach, amenities, transport links, distance from airport and the type of community. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the market and extensive local knowledge to help you make the best choice.

11. Is it better to buy a new build or a resale property?

Answer: Both have their advantages. New builds offer modern amenities, while resales can provide more character and established neighbourhoods. Our current property listings offer a superb choice of a variety of styles of property, or if you have specific requirements, please contact us and we provide a tailored search to meet your ideas and needs.

12. What are community fees?

Answer: Community fees are charges for the upkeep of shared areas in a development, such as gardens and pools. We can provide details on the fees for each property you're interested in.

13. Do I need a lawyer to buy property in Spain?

Answer: While not legally required, it is highly recommended to hire a lawyer to ensure all legal aspects are covered. Villasol Real Estate works with the best and most reliable legal professionals in the area to ensure a safe and complete purchase experience.

14. How do I open a bank account in Spain?

Answer: You'll need your NIE, passport, and proof of address. There are several banks that offer services in English and have experience with foreign clients.

15. What healthcare options are available in Spain?

Answer: Spain offers both public and private healthcare. As a resident, you can access public healthcare, but many expats also opt for private insurance. Please click here for additional information.

16. How do I register as a resident in Spain?

Answer: After obtaining your visa, you'll need to register with the local town hall and get a residency card (TIE). Our team can assist with this process.

17. Can I work in Spain with a Non-Lucrative Visa?

Answer: No, the Non-Lucrative Visa does not permit employment. However, the Entrepreneur Visa and other options are available if you wish to work.

18. What is the cost of living in Nerja?

Answer: The cost of living in Nerja is relatively affordable compared to other European destinations. We can provide a detailed overview of typical expenses for housing, groceries, dining, and entertainment.

19. Are there English-speaking schools in Nerja?

Answer: Yes, there are several international schools in the area.

20. What is the process for setting up utilities in my new home?

Answer: Setting up utilities involves contacting providers for water, electricity, gas, and internet. This process is covered by your lawyer.

21. Can I bring my pets to Spain?

Answer: Yes, you can bring pets, but there are regulations regarding vaccinations and microchipping. Please ask us for details or assistance regarding your pets moving to Spain with you.

22. What is the best time of year to move to Spain?

Answer: It depends on your personal preferences and circumstances. Many people prefer the spring or autumn when the weather is mild.

23. How can Villasol Real Estate assist me in my move to Spain?

Answer: Villasol Real Estate offers comprehensive services, including property search, legal and financial advice, and post-purchase support. Our experienced team is here to make your move as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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