Diving on the Eastern Costa Del Sol

One of the advantages of having a property in Nerja are the diving opportunities near Nerja

Our diving benefits from the Atlantic Stream which brings lots of plankton and other micro life forms to our waters. The result is a varied and abundant selection of marine life. We have a great deal more marine life than most other Mediterranean sites, and this includes some species which are unique to our coastline. The marine life includes octopus, conger, moray, lobster, grouper, weaver fish moonfish, damsels, wrasse, scorpion fish, sailfish, swordfish, dolphin, silverfish, nudibranchis, flowers, faunas and corals.

The PADI Discover Snorkeling program is an experience, not a course. It's a supervised snorkeling tour for fun. Snorkelers can return at any time to take part in another snorkeling trip. 

Under the surface of the sea lies a world full of life and colour, with a great variety of animals and plants.

If you want to discover its beauty, we offer guided snorkeling trips with mask, snorkel, a pair of fins and a wet-suit, so you can enjoy exploring this underwater world. This activity is known as snorkeling. It is a source of emotions and surprises for the adventurous, with the advantage that it can be done without special preparation.

Snorkeling is swimming at the surface with a mask, a snorkel and fins. In colder waters we usually use a neoprene wet-suit. The combination of these tools allows the participant to observe aquatic life for extended periods and with relatively little effort: the mask protects the eyes from the water, giving a good view of the seabed; the snorkel allows you to breathe so you don't have to remove the head from the water, avoiding excessive movement. The fins permit efficient movement through the water. The neoprene wet-suit keeps you comfortably warm and helps you to stay buoyant.

The main attraction of snorkeling is the opportunity for the entire family to observe the aquatic life in its natural habitat. This includes coral reefs and their residents, such as fish, cephalopods, sea stars, sea urchins, and molluscs. Snorkeling over sandy areas may allow the sight of rays, flatfish and various other species such as seaweed, shrimp and turtles, and almost any other animal that might be found in the sea depending on the time and location. Many of the organisms that live on reefs are beautiful and shining colours, which can make the experience very exciting.

You will at all times be supervised by an experienced guide, who will help pointing out points of interest and ensure your safety. We choose site, preferably in the protected natural park "Maro -Cerro Gordo", on a daily basis to ensure the best conditions for visibility and safety. 

There is no certification requirement and no minimum age, so the experience is open to the whole family. We only ask that participants are able to swim. Children of 8 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult. For the qualified divers, this is a great opportunity to bring along their family members who don't scuba dive! Advance booking is preferred due to popularity of this activity, and to ensure your preferred date and time. 

Prices: 30 Euros for children 8-12 years, and 35 Euros for adults. Perhaps you want to learn more now. Our PADI Skin Diver Course could be perfect for you! 

BOAT TRIP You can book a boat trip to the beautiful nature reserve of Maro Cerro-Gordo! We show you the fascinating landscape of the coast and if the weather is fine, you can go swimming or climbing if you like. From the boat you can see a lot of fish in the clear water and sometimes we are accompanied by dolfins. And for those who want to see more marine life you can book a guided snorkeling trip

CLEAN UP DAYS FOR NERJA AND BURRIANA BEACH Every year Buceo Costa Nerja organizes a local beach and undersea clean up day in collaboration with PADI Project AWARE, the Ayuntamiento de Nerja, the Junta de Andalucia and the local beach restaurants here at Burriana Beach. Lots of volunteer divers participate in cleaning out rubbish from our local beaches in Nerja and in the natural park "Maro - Cerro Gordo". After the diving and trash collecting, everyone gathers for free paella and drinks from the local restaurants. 

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